Our mission is to not let any cancer patient fight their battle alone.  We know first hand how scary and alone you feel during such a dark time.


Since our inception in 2012 we have been blessed with many opportunites to serve cancer patients and their families who have strengthened our belief and faith in what we do.


Many of our experiences are heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.


On mothers day 2009 a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After treatments the cancer was in remission for three years.  That cancer came back in August 2012 and took her life four months later.  She was a single mom with 4 beautiful children.  We were honored to be able to coordinate and provide meals to the family 3 times a week.  We continue to stay in touch with the kids because we want them to know that even though their mom is no longer here, we are here for them.


We have been honored to help an elderly woman maintain her front and back yard landscape.  This strong, awesome lady has been very independent and took pride in taking care of her gorgeous lawn.  Unfortunately her treatments have taken a toll on her strength and she is not able to care for her yard like she used to, so Pink Lemonade came to mow her lawn and pull her weeds.  We still keep in touch checking in with her and helping her in anyway that we can.


Currently we have 2 younger patients that need our help and prayers.  Both young ladies are beautiful and vibrant individuals who are literally fighting for their lives.  They both have amazing, loving families but the treatments are taking their toll on both families.  Weekly the families are traveling to San Francisco for treatments and they are typically in the hospital for 10-12 hours for each treatment which makes for a long day.  We are trying to help with a weekly meal, and gift cards to help with gas and food while they are at the treatments.

We provide no cost comfort services to cancer patients and their families to make life a little sweet during a sour time.






Our services include:

  • Dinners
  • Lawn mowing


Future services to be offered include:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Faith packs