Here at Pink Lemonade we really care about people!  We know that when someone has cancer their whole family is affected.  That is why here at Pink Lemonade we focus on helping not only the cancer patient but also the family!

We want to fight along side with you!

We do that through food delivery and yard maintenance.

We are more than just another nonprofit organization.  We are founded by someone who beat cancer themselves!  Our founder Donna Quintero fought and beat breast cancer.  After her battle she realized there was a huge need beyond just medical care for cancer patients. So Donna and her husband, Jason, came up with Pink Lemonade.  It is an organization that creates a network of people to help cancer patients and their families while they go through treatment.

We could not do what we do without our dedicated team of volunteers!!!

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Special thank you to our Community Partners

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Do you want to volunteer?  Do you have questions?  Do you just want to connect?  Are you a cancer patient in need of help and support?  Connect with us today!  Let us know how we can help answer any of your questions or connect with you should you need help!

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